About - Tom Kingsford

Tom, in his element

Tom has been fascinated with adventure and beautiful landscapes his entire life. An accomplished traveler, explorer and photographer, Tom works tirelessly to capture the magic of our natural world. Specializing in outdoor, travel, adventure, and lifestyle subjects, Tom creates powerful images that are punctuated by wild landscapes. His drive and experience has allowed him opportunities to work on global campaigns, speak in front of hundreds of people, influence product development, educate, and connect with amazing people.

Before becoming a photographer, Tom ran sales teams for Technology Giants and startups alike. After a 20 year professional career working for companies such as Apple and NetApp, Tom has turned his passion into a lifestyle. Tom attended the University of Kentucky, where he earned a business degree in Finance. In 2012 he began to discover his passion for photography, idolizing the timeless work of Jimmy Chin, Tim Kemple and Chris Burkard. After moving to Colorado in 1999, he has spent as much time outdoors as possible. Nothing makes him happier than being with his wife and daughter in the mountains, climbing, skiing and creating images. Today, Tom lives in Boulder, Colorado with his family.

Delivering tangible, measurable results is something Tom  loves as much as you do. He doesn't wear a suit to the office everyday, but the essence is always there. Partners get top notch service, frequent and relevant communication, no exceptions and no excuses.

Associations/Certifications: Outdoor Adventure Film School | Outward Bound Leadership School  | Aperture Academy | Avalanche Level 1 Certification

Skills: Rock &  Ice Climbing, Mountaineering, Trail Running, Skiing, Public Speaking,  Photography, Video, Timelapse, Drone

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