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Tom Kingsford

Boulder, CO

Landscape | Product | Adventure | Time-lapse | Lifestyle | Astro Photography | Motion

After organizing ski trips throughout college, I knew I had to live in the mountains. I moved to Colorado in 1999 and am currently based in Boulder. Enrolling in Outward Bound brought me to Alaska for the first time, teaching me glacier travel, ice climbing, hazard evaluation and general mountaineering skills. After a month in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska, I arrived in Colorado. Inspired by climbers like Conrad Anker and Jeff Lowe, I grew up idolizing these guys, pictures I saw in magazines of far off mountain ranges were bigger than life to me. In 2012 I began to discover my passion for photography, idolizing the timeless work of Jimmy Chin, Tim Kemple and Chris Burkard. Nothing makes me happier than being in the mountains, climbing, skiing and creating images.

Associations/Certifications: Outdoor Adventure Film School | Copper Mtn. Ski Patrol - Snowflake Award Recipient | Outward Bound Leadership | School Phoenix Multi-Sport | Colorado Mountain Club | Aperture Academy Graduate

Skills: Rock | Ice Climbing Mountaineering Trail running Skiing - resort | backcountry Avalanche Level 1 Certification Public speaking | group presentations Photography | Video | Timelapse

Tom Kingsford